Extraa Delight

Give your customers a little Extraa

Integration/Checkout page in your website.

Integration with your billing POS or Extraa Forms to capture the name and number of the cutomer.

Delight your customers post purchase

Send a thank you message on customer's whatsapp number or e-mail ID, post-purchase along with the delight link with rewards.

Add games to engage customers

A spinning wheel can be sent to the customers to give them a chance to win surprise rewards.

Give rewards to customers

Customers win 3-5 rewards and they can choose from the list of coupons provided to them. Your brand rewards and cross brand rewards can be provided.


We have some amazing things to offer!‚Äč

Automate the journey, not dependant on any manpower

Increase loyalty

Upsell with your brand rewards.

Increase happiness of your customers

Explore Delight

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