Extraa Carnival

Don’t Let Your Customers Slip Away

Install QR codes at your store/digital touch screens

Place QR codes in your store. (Team Extraa ) will provide the QR codes which can be placed at Various points in your Store.

Scan the
QR Code

Make sure your Store Manager Guides the Customer to locate the Qr and make him Scan the QR CODE with just his Camera ( No app required ) , If Customer is not scanning , Store Manager can fill the customer details in his Phone using an EXTRAA FORM.

Make the customer play the game pre/post purchase

Upon the Scanning the QR , A Spinning Wheel with various options like iPhone, Holiday, Coins and your store coupons will be listed in the wheel. The winnings will be completely pre-planned and decided.

Give Rewards to Coustomer

Post spinning, customer wins your coupons and can redeem it right away before the purchase. There is a potential chance of upselling in this scenario.


We have some amazing things to offer!

Increase engagement with your customer.

Upsell to customers

Capture Customer Data

Reward your Customer

Increase your billing value


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